In Memoriam…

Rest in peace text for Respect for the funeral vectorIt’s a heavy weight. To learn of the unexpected passing of Choral Colleague Dave Lockart (64).  Like other losses that seem to happen without notice, this leaves many more questions than answers.  I wasn’t aware that he was ill, perhaps few knew.  It’s not exactly something you post on Social Media.  And I would not expect to be in the know – we were colleagues at Board Meetings and Conferences.  We shared stories of teaching and rehearsals – he had a wicked sense of humor.  He was respected for his fairness and honesty and admired for his exceptional musicianship.

Gone too soon for sure.

And then I started to think about others…Anne Hannah (65) from Matawan who was instrumental in my being chosen to conduct the NJ All-State Mixed Chorus; Steven Gosewich (51) who was a well-known choral director and accompanist in Freehold/Howell; Brent Miller (69) who was an active leader for ACDA; Ken Steele (67) was an adjudicator and high school Choral Director; Sue Belly (63) who was the ever-present loving and friendly face at Region II Chorus activities.  Respectively, all of these Masters of Music helped to shape who so many of us are today.  They set the bar high in musicianship and integrity and passion for the Choral Art.  It made someone like me, coming up behind them, always want to do better.  To be better.  To bring the very best I could to my own students.  Seems like the least we can do to honor their service, contribution and memory.

For sure the Heavenly Choirs have welcomed every one.

I hope they keep a watchful eye on all of us.

Rest in Peace, friends.

Rest in Peace.


Thanks, as always, for reading.


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