Bliss – May 4, 2017

BlissI haven’t written in a number of months.  But, I just created an end-of-year reflective that I will distribute to my Choir tomorrow and thought I would share it.  It comes from an idea I heard where Seniors are given the opportunity to invite a “special guest” to graduation – given an extra ticket to share with someone who has positively impacted their lives – and where they can invite that person to attend their graduation ceremony.

I like the idea of sharing gratitude and reflecting so my twist on the idea is to ask my Seniors to choose three influential people who were part of the “village” that raised them and describe each of them to me in 3-5 sentences.  After the concert on May 24th, they will then present 2 of the 3 names and reasons they were significant to the class.  (See attached).  I also suggested that they take time to hand-write a card to the three people and stamp it and mail it – the old fashioned way – so that the thoughts do not get lost in this assignment.

I am asking my underclass persons to reflect on the last 8-9 months.  Of what accomplishments are they most proud?  What frustrations did they experience?  What are their summer plans?

I am living in a euphoric teaching place right now where everyone is singing beautifully and kids are happy and the weather isn’t really crappy and I just want to stop the clock and stay here a while.  Trying to bask in the genuine moments of bliss I am experiencing in all of my classes.

I hope you are able to find bliss in your days as well.

Thanks for reading.


Reflective Assignment – 2017

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