September 23, 2014

It’s a quiet Tuesday here at Ridge. Here’s what’s has happened this week…

  • I have distributed school-owned Performance Apparel to my auditioned A Cappella Choir (black gowns, tuxes, cummerbunds, bow ties, suspenders and pocket squares – red! Guys are responsible for purchasing a tux shirt. Girls wear black knee-hi’s and black shoes).
  • We have Back-to-School Night (one of two) tonight. My hand-outs are ready.
  • I have placed an order for the Male and Female Voicings of Carmina Burana as the A Cappella Choir has agreed to join forces with the Westfield Symphony to perform it in May (additional choirs have also been invited).
  • I am almost ready to post the monthly Birthday lists. (I have a Happy Birthday poster on the inside of the classroom door and I post a list of student birthdays by month). I used to distribute Happy Birthday pencils with lollipops but when I found a few of them on the floor after class, I got the hint.
  • I have completed my Student Database from the Day One Info Form. When the kids submit to my Google Doc via the tinyurl, it makes the process quite simple.
  • I have finished and submitted my Emergency Lesson plans for the Main Office.
  • Choir t-shirts have been ordered for all the new additions to the program.
  • Our Choir Festival (Choralpalooza) is scheduled (October 21st). Five area schools are invited. Clinician has been chosen and accepted (Chris Thomas from Rowan University). Afternoon all-sing selections have been chosen (Philip Phillips’ Home – all the guys from every school will sing with guitars a-strummin’ and Wilhousky’s Battle Hymn as the closer for the day.) The morning will be filled with every school getting a 25-minute time block to perform no more than two pieces and then receive an on-stage clinic and written comments from the other Directors in the room. Lunch for the Director’s is pre-ordered from the local deli and is on Ridge. All kids bring a brown bag lunch and Ridge kids bring in one dozen cookies, cupcakes or brownies for the lunchtime dessert bar – 40 feet of sugar…3/$.25!

Hope your week is going well.


2 thoughts on “September 23, 2014

  1. Oh and guess who just bought an ipad mini ? :-)… Attendance app may be my first project once I learn how to navigate apple.. I now personally own a kindle, the ipad mini, School bought Windows surface pro 2 and then they gave every teacher a dell tablet in sept. I’m on technology ownership overload.


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