Friday September 19, 2014

Today we ran the voting for our Choir Officers. I created a multiple choice Google Doc as a ballot and the students came up to my iPad Air in a single file line to cast their votes and “Submit”. The results were ready to announce immediately.

Way to use technology in the classroom!

So…at the end of this second full week of school, the Choir Sectional Class lists are almost ready to submit to Guidance to place on schedules, the Choir T-Shirts are now ordered (a simple forest green 50/50 t-shirt with a logo we’ve had forever – see below), Field trip forms have been submitted for approval for our December Caroling gigs, there are grades online for each class and the EXCEL database of all student info is nearly finished.

I have volunteered (again) to sell tickets in the booth for tonight’s football game and the calendar blocks for the weekend are completely empty.

Hope you enjoy yours!



2 thoughts on “Friday September 19, 2014

    • Choir t-shirts have been $10 each forever and the kids own them. I think because they are simple and don’t scream a logo, they like them enough to wear them all year (which they do). I pay $7.50 for them and get them in about a week after emailing the order. They are the “uniform” for our choral festival and they must be worn in the park when we go to Hershey in the spring.


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