Thursday September 18, 2014

MY CHOIR ROOM: In the sixth renovation of Ridge High School, I got a choir room…a ginormous choir room – I can fit nine sets of 4-step Wenger risers in the room…we stand during rehearsals. (see photos below). I affectionately refer it is as my “palace”. (We also got a 1000-seat performing arts center in that renovation!) My room is air-conditioned, which makes me quite popular in June. When it’s too cold in the room, I have (superhero) snuggies for my kids to use. I have a Brita water pitcher for them. I have a vast assortment of Bath & Body Works hand soaps at the sink and wonderful smelling hand sanitizers on the folder cabinet. I have a Wenger sound proof room with an upright piano, a Baldwin baby grand and a Yamaha Upright in the room and a clavinova in the back room. I have two computers for student use. I have a 4 x 8 table in the room where kids can have lunch. If you are in the Choral Program, you have access to all of this. If you think you are going to bring in your non-choral friends from lunch, you quickly learn they have two choices…join or leave. It’s a terrific recruiting tool!

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 18, 2014: Today we will hear the speeches of those who are running for Vice President and President of the choir. One of my juniors just came in to ask permission to perform his speech to a karaoke version of “Stacy’s Mom”. As I do not have the slightest sense of current music, I asked if the lyrics were dirty. “Well, we’re not singing the lyrics”, he replied. Is the subject matter of the song inappropriate? (I hadn’t yet searched it online and the answer is yes!). As he is the Varsity Quarterback, he stammered and I immediately knew I was heading toward possible trouble. So, I said, “Duncan, if you have to ask permission, you ALREADY know you shouldn’t use it!” So, just rap your speech without music, just to be on the safe side”.

Kids are funny, aren’t they?


choir room w-risers risers 2

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