September 4, 2014 – The First Day of School

The first day of school has officially ended and we all survived. My focus today was getting info out to the ensemble classes and in return, collecting info from them so as to create lunch-time Choir Sectionals.

I am also organizing my select choir’s retreat which is tomorrow night. I have attached my game plan for those of you who are interested. I am most looking forward to the activity which is called TOP TEN REASONS WHY CHOIR IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR CELLPHONE!

I hope your day ran without event.





One thought on “September 4, 2014 – The First Day of School

  1. Barb, you are now part of my daily reading. My room set up is not ideal, It is actually a band room that they cut slightly in less than half when they built the auditorium wing onto the school.(they were going to put me in the back of the auditorium with folding doors) Since the plans were in action and I raised the roof, they took the gorgeous band room and cut it in half and gave it to me. There are platforms built into the floor. Today for the first time in my career, I did NOT set up the chairs. I had the kids come in and sit on the floor. A little more informal but, we accomplished the usual first day objectives in the 37 minutes of allotted class time AND had time for a fun icebreaker.I also incorporated the use of the Google docs onto my Choir website for registration as part of their homework. The purpose being, that navigating to the website needed to be something they learn very early on as they download rehearsal tracks there. I never see my kids together until prior to a concert. The chairs may eventually come out, but I loved the feeling of having the use of the physical space without the barriers.


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