September 1, 2014

Tomorrow we will start a new school year with two days of In-Service.  The kids start on Thursday. 

I have attached three documents to this post.  The first are the actual notes from which I read on the first day of school.  The second is a poem I read every year called TEN LITTLE CHOIR MEMBERS.  The third is a NEW cellphone permission form.  If you find them helpful, please use them.

I will distribute a syllabus for the two ensemble classes, an info sheet which will be completed by hand and then completed online via a Google Spreadsheet and the NEW cellphone permission form.  It seems we now have a policy which prohibits teacher/student contact via cellphone or email unless we receive written permission from parents/guardians.  We are also prohibited from contacting students, once permission is received, via personal email accounts.  All correspondence is now to be done on school email addresses.  What have we come to?

I have planned a retreat for my select A Cappella Choir for Friday night.  Section Leaders will arrive at 4:30 to help plan activities (icebreakers) and the choir will arrive at 6p and leave at 11p with a pizza delivery at 9p.  We will convene at the meeting hall of the local Senior Center who lends this room, complete with kitchen access, to us for free.  It is close to school but not AT school!

I hope you have a smooth and anxiety-free start to your school year.


cell phone use permission slip

Ten Little Choir Members

First Day of School Sept 2014

2 thoughts on “September 1, 2014

  1. Yes, what have we come to. Teaching in PA has been rewarding but it has also linked me closely to colleagues who have either not made smart choices or have manifest tragic mental illness. The most recent was a colleague in Central Bucks School District. What began as texting with her 8th grade band student ended in at least three events of sexual contact. I traveled with her as a chaperone to the UK with one of our high school choirs just a few years ago… I’m not sure controlling social media contacts/email/etc. is the answer to preventing mental illness, but it does help a district say they have done their due dilligence in training/supervising staff to not get involved in wrongful contacts. My heart is sad about all this as I remember how valuable our relationship is and how it all began. We were invited to your home and our parents were glad for it. Cliff Rich and I stacked wood for you in Rockaway. We set up and celebrated at your wedding to Rick. We are good friends today and I worry about students I have who obviously need more than I provide in a classroom setting, but must be denied the experience of music “community”. Thanks for reading my rant. xoxo


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